Hair Bakhoor Diffuser



Introducing SAMIA™ Hair Bakhoor 2.0 – a revolutionary approach to hair fragrance that transcends the ordinary and becomes an immersive experience. This innovative device goes beyond being a mere tool; it's a portal to infuse your hair with the timeless allure of oud, a scent that has entranced civilizations for centuries. The SAMIA™ Hair Bakhoor represents a pioneering leap in personal fragrance, being the world's first device crafted to enchant and perfume your hair with the exquisite essence of oud. It offers an elegant and convenient way to carry the captivating fragrance of oud with you, transforming your everyday routine into a sensorial journey. Immerse yourself in the allure and sophistication of this ancient tradition, reimagined for the modern woman, and let your hair tell a fragrant tale of timeless beauty.