Automatic Cup Washer



Introducing the Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sink – your ultimate solution to reclaiming precious time and eliminating the hassle of handwashing countless cups. This automatic cup washer is designed to revolutionize your kitchen routine by effortlessly cleaning any type of cup in a matter of seconds. From standard glasses to baby bottles, delicate wine glasses, or even personalized drinkware, the Glass Rinser handles it all with exceptional ease and efficiency. Join the ranks of thousands worldwide who have already embraced this game-changing innovation and say goodbye to the never-ending sink pile-up. Upgrade your kitchen experience today with the Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sink, where excellence meets convenience in every sparkling clean cup.



Dimensions: 17.5 x 9 x 1.2 cm
Weight: 550g



Package Includes: 
1 Ultra Automatic Washer 2.0,
1 T-Connector and 
1 Water Tube