Waterproof Moisture Foundation - For Every Skin Tone



Introducing Waterproof Moisture Foundation - For Every Skin Tone. Our foundation is ideal for you women who are looking for a natural look and maximum coverage. It has a special formula that allows you to have silky, smooth skin, free of acne, blemishes, expression marks or oiliness in minutes. Amazingly long-lasting, this foundation can provide up to 12 hours of coverage and completely reduce skin imperfections. Our waterproof formula keeps your face dry all day long while controlling the shine caused by oiliness. And it’s available in a wide range of colors to perfectly fit every skin tone.  So get ready to cause and attract attention with your natural beauty without having worry about faded or smeared makeup or oily shine throughout the day. Transform your makeup with Waterproof Moisture Foundation - For Every Skin Tone!



Hides acne and blemishes
Eliminates expression marks
Enhances natural skin tone
Pore shrinkage
Absorbs oiliness
Skin whitening
Water resistant
Skincare effect
Universal Application